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Six Summer Activities to Boost Your College Application

Summers are the only extensive blocks of free time students have. But summer is also an excellent time to up your odds of getting into your dream college. Instead of sitting around during the summer like you used to, you need to consider summer activities that translate to a well-rounded college application.

Are you looking to give your college applications a bit of a boost this summer? Here a few activities that will make this summer memorable, productive, and impressive.

Take a College Class

Taking college classes in high school can boost your college admission chances. When you take college classes while in high school, you reduce the number of classes you will take when you join college. Also, these programs introduce students to the rigors of college coursework early.

Many community colleges allow high school students to take certain classes. With such a vast pool of classes, you can take courses at night, online, or even on the weekend. Most teenagers can easily take classes in fields such as English composition and linear algebra. However, many of these programs require a specific academic standing to participate. Similarly, not all colleges will grant credit for all classes taken.

Volunteer in Your Community

More and more high school students have taken up volunteering projects in their community in the recent past. One of the reasons for this upsurge is because high school students who volunteer may have an advantage when headed off to college.

In general, there are tons of volunteer opportunities for teens in the summer. Some of the benefits of volunteering include increased happiness and health, professional growth, new global connections, and having a positive impact on the community. You might even learn a new language or improve your second language skills. After summer volunteering abroad, you’ll expect to have a few good stories to tell.

Get a Summer Job

Working during the summer months helps you build an attractive resume. A summer job can be something as simple as babysitting the neighbor’s kid. You’ll have the opportunity to see how businesses work. In addition, you’ll be enjoying the benefits long after your paycheck is spent.

Experiencing new things can make you more productive, and you might even have fun. Even after you go to college, summer jobs will continue to provide crucial life-skills training. A summer job’s paycheck can also be useful to help you in autumn.

Apply for Internships

Interning in high school is a smart idea, no matter your career path. The essential advantage of internships is that they integrate classroom knowledge with practical application. Interns are often portrayed as the coffee-carrying gophers of the workplace, but interning is a great way to prepare for a promising career after high school.

Internships do not offer decent paychecks. But the main point of internships is to gain experience. This is an experience that you can include on your resume and college applications. Thus, internships present unique and meaningful opportunities for career exploration.


Start Your SAT Test Prep

You know you need to take the SAT. But how do you prepare? Early preparation can be the key to making those scores work in your favor. That’s because SATs are coachable exams that you can crack through practice.

It would help if you started your test prep the summer between sophomore and junior year. Students who start studying earlier do better on the SAT and strengthen their college application.


Go to Summer Camp

Summer camp offers one of the most effective learning environments and can be the place where you learn environmental awareness, leadership, and other skills that prove beneficial long into adulthood. Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to explore academic interests and interact with professors. As a result, you will understand how these individuals have accomplished their goals of becoming successful. If you plan to stay long at the summer camp, buy a massage chair available at a decent price point that won’t break the bank.

Students who go to summer camps meet a whole other group of people in a different environment. This can open a whole new world of friendship, interests, skills, and independence.

Bottom Line

In today’s competitive college admissions market, students are faced with the task of demonstrating their continued commitment to academic and extracurricular activities. These tips can help you to get started.

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